Steven Machat, Founder of, Books Kendrick Lamar for Social Justice Concert and Reminisces On Protecting R&B Group New Edition



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Steven Machat describes himself as an aged man of reason. Looking back at his childhood,when his father Marty Machat introduced him to the entertainment business, he knew he liked to talk. “Thank God I met people who wanted to help.” His father raised him to have no fear as he surrounded his son with big names like Frank Sinatra and James Brown. This, Steven admits, caused him to recognize at a young age that the glamour of fame is often concealed the reality of contradictions where even people viewed as innocent a can be just as evil. Steven reveals these truths in a memoir he carefully strung together titled Gods Gangsters and Honour: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Odyssey.

Steven Machat followed in his father’s footsteps as an entertainment attorney, but he also takes the time to dabble in a few projects of his own. He’s written 3 books—Gods Gangsters and Honour: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Odyssey The Highways of Man: The Odyssey Almanac, and The Cure—that have been published in the U.K (for political reasons) and currently writing his fourth installment, Sacred Knowledge. He’s also a music manager, record label owner, music publisher, and producer of Birth on a Wire. I think it’s safe to say Steven Machat (born 1952) has made a career out of being a jack of all trades.


A conversation with Steven, can lead to so many things with hundreds of topics and he doesn’t want to leave one detail out. Maybe that’s why his students enjoy his lectures so much. “At the end of the semester I almost cried when my students said I changed their lives,” all because Steven cared enough to share his knowledge as well as teach “them how to use reason.”

You might have recently seen Steven’s name with, which he is the Founder/Owner of. It’s an organization that serves as “the people’s portal to the legalization and production of all things derived from cannabis and hemp.” What led him to start this organization? “I knew people would listen to me because people are greedy” [referring to the taxes that would be put on it].

Surprisingly, this isn’t his first founded organization; Steven has started many things before, like the non political Wheel Party (which he laughs “that means it’s a political party”). But what does he really hope to accomplish here? He hopes to inspire people and eliminate the “bricks in our brains,” so we as man can “unite with each other and share with each other.”


“I just believe in social justice. The government should support each other. Everyone tells me it can’t happen” but Steven’s third book says it can.

What other initiatives does Steven have in store for us? Well, October 18th keep your eyes peeled for information on a concert for social justice that “will allow people to smile.” Some key performers he name dropped are Kendrick Lamar and possibly New Edition (who he joked can vouch that he has always been the way his is.) “I took over their management…” he reminisced on a story back in his 43 and Broadway office, when they boys were trying to catch a cab but the taxis wouldn’t stop for them (because they were black). He ended up getting them a cab but the taxi wouldn’t take them because “he didn’t need to,” and tried to drive off as Steven gripped the door, causing it to brake. “I protected them.”

Until October 18th, be sure to keep yourself busy by checking out Steven Machat’s, and his books that are on the way to being released in the U.S.