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Bad boy in the spotlight! Shy Glizzy was born in DMV, known as District-Maryland-Virginia and is now slowly gaining attention with each mixtape he releasee. It’s no surprise that his beats are flourishing with heart and soul considering all he’s been through; at the age of 19, Glizzy received news that his father had been murdered. Despite it all, this assumed-to-be underdog is shocking everyone more and more with each word he spits.

We got our first taste of Shy Glizzy last Halloween when he released his first mixtape Streets Hottest Youngin. He preaches about what he knows—the streets—but also proves to the world that he has learned from his wrong doings with tracks like “Dirty Game.” But let’s not get it twisted, he keeps his bad boy flare when he fired a few shots at Fat Trel with the track “Disrespect the Tech” and fought Chief Keef with tracks such as “3Hunna” and “I Don’t Like.”

He raps at a somewhat slow pace; but it’s not a bad thing. Listen to his words. While rapping about the typicals: partying, smoking, money etc., he still manages to stun us with a few lyrical bars.

Think about what someone must have seen to be able to genuinely rap:

Where are the damn clothes?/ I go away one second/ They say the streets aint got no paper/ I see it now.

Shy Glizzy, whatever you have been through is your business, but I respect what you’ve put on the table thus far. Keep it up.


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