Kim and Khloe Fight in Thailand

2014 NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment UpfrontsThe Kardashians were suppose to be on a peaceful vacation, enjoying all that Thailand has to offer them. But Khloe Kardashian may have been right when she called it the “vacation from hell”.

Khloe is already bothered that her brother, Rob Kardashian, bailed on the family vacation at last minute. But when she confesses to her stepbrother, Brandon, how bad Rob’s depression really is Kim thinks Khloe is taking responsibility for all of Rob’s problems. Khloe comments on how her sister is being close minded then later has an emotional moment with Brody Jenner, who musters up some words of encouragement for his sister.

Khloe Thailand

Khloe later reveals that she has a plane on hold to head back home.Which of course, annoys Kim who comments about why she would bother coming so far to leave so soon. Khloe fires back, mocking Kim’s selfies (that has reached an outstanding number) for hubby Kanye. But what Kim says to her, is what really starts the cat fight.

“I’m doing it for Kanye, someone that I love…You want to go home to the 50 rappers you’re dating. You’re like a miserable person.”

WOW Kim!

Of course the sisters kiss and make up, but not after Khloe admits to almost punching Kim.

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.