Former Destiny's Child Singer Arrested?!


Remember Farrah Franklin from Destiny’s Child? She was in the ‘Say My Name’ video. Well, if you haven’t seen her mugshot yet, here it is. The Ex-Destiny’s Child singer was arrested just this Sunday for disorderly conduct.

Supposedly, Franklin was so drunk she was found laying in a random person’s front lawn and told police she planned on sleeping in the woods!

According to NFL player Da’Quan Bowers, him, Franklin and Ricky Sapp (another NFL player) were in Myrtle Beach partying that Saturday day and night. It was clear to everyone that Franklin was wasted when they arrived at Sapp’s place. Both Bowers and Sapp told police the suspected Franklin of doing drugs since she would leave for the bathroom for extended time periods.

Supposedly, Franklin fled the scene after the two NFL players decided to call the police. It was after police combed the neighborhood, that they found her “highly intoxicated” and “unsteady on her feet” with nowhere to go.

I wonder what Queen Bey has to say about her ex-band mate