Dream Collaborations: Why Haven’t Nas and Eminem Collaborated Yet?

Nas and Eminem


If we asked ten hip hop fans to give us their top 5 Dead or Alive lists, nine of them would probably include Nas and Eminem. They are hands down two of the best we’ve ever heard at putting words together. They both recognize each other’s talents. Eminem is a known fan-first kind of rapper who is never shy to acknowledge artists who he has respect for (and doesn’t too) and we’ll never forget Nas’ classic line on ¨Ether.¨

“…and Eminem murdered you on your own shit….”

The closest that these two have come to collaborating is Eminem holding the production credits on Nas’ “Carry The Cross” from 2002’s God’s Son.

Nas and Eminem are two legends with similar fanbases that are still dropping quality projects and verses. All signs point to the thought that this should have happened a long time ago, but until we get it…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?