Dame Dash Is Upset With Kanye West (Interview w/ Shade 45)

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Dame has been going off lately. First it was on Lyor Cohen, Funkmast Flex, then Combat Jack, and now he’s stating his issues with Kanye West. Dame was on DJ Superstar Jay’s VIP Saturdays where he touched on many things, including his former artist Kanye West. Dame isn’t knocking Kanye West for anything but not being there for former Roc-A-Fella CEO Kareem ¨Biggs¨ Burke. Biggs has been incarcerated for a while now and Dame says that Kanye hasn’t reached out to him at all.

What makes it a ¨thing¨ is that Dame said that Biggs was the one who stood up for Kanye and made Dame pay for the plane ticket to fly Kanye around – basically he was the only one that took Kanye seriously at first (and here we are now).

Dame saw Kanye spazzing on radio stations and interviews, but felt like he should have been spazzing for Biggs and helping his family out instead.

He talked about other things too. I’ll let you watch the video –