Beyoncé: Shopping for Her New Bachelorette Pad

Beyonce & Jay Z
Beyonce & Jay Z


To top the Beyoncé and Jay-Z divorce rumors, Beyoncé is now said to have been spotted apartment shopping. But without her husband! Who is normally heavily involved in their real estate decisions. 

Could this be a sign?

The “Drunk in Love” singer is rumored to be seen checking out a$21.5 million penthouse in Chelsea. Pretty close to where Katie Holmes shacked up after divorcing Tom Cruise. A 5 bedroom, 5 bath duplex with great views of the Hudson River does sound dreamy but it can’t compare to the power couple’s 8,000 square foot apartment in Tribeca.  Hence why it seems like the perfect short-term get away for Beyoncé and Blue

Ever since the videotaped confrontation between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z, a split has been suspected but never validated.However, it is said the couple might be waiting till the end of their tour,On The Run, before making an announcement.