We Figured Out YMCMB’s Strategy for World Domination, Lil Wayne’s Got The Juice


By Katie Mariquit | @kmariquit

We all know that Young Money dominated this year’s BET Awards… But let’s be real, they dominate almost every year. When’s the last time you didn’t see Weezy, Nicki or Drake win/perform at a music award show? They’re a pretty interesting bunch… More like fucking weird bunch, but nevermind about that.

Here are 15 Facts You Should Know About YOUNG MONEY

  1. Let’s start off basic: Young Money is a record label created by Lil Wayne.
  2. Lil Wayne and rapper Birdman (Cash Money Records) have a father-son type of relationship. When Lil Wayne was just nine years old he joined Cash Money. He was the youngest member of the record label. He then made his own label Young Money Entertainment, which often collaborates with Cash Money. DUH Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. Ever since then, Birdman is like a father to Lil Wayne. They even had an album collaboration Like Father, Like Son. OH AND THEY KISSED ONCE:

  3. If you’re a rap fan, you are probably familiar with the members of Young Money. But for others, some of these rappers’ names sound like names of dogs.
      Gudda Gudda
      Lil Twist

    These are the clever names that these people came up with. I would name my dog Gudda Gudda in a heartbeat.

  4. CHANEL WEST COAST IS SIGNED TO YOUNG MONEY. People mostly know Chanel West Coast from Rob Dyrdek MTV productions like Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, etc. Believe it or not, she raps. You probably don’t believe me. So here you go:
  5. Rapper Tyga’s name is an acronym for “Thank You God Always.” And here we thought he didn’t know the right way to say Tiger.
  6. Young Money has three compilation albums: We Are Young Money, Rich Gang, and Young Money: Rise of An Empire
  7. Nicki Minaj and Drake.. I don’t know what they are. People speculate that the two have been an item. It’s hard to deny. I mean they like to hump each other. But… “That’s family.” It’s kind of gross. They love each other like brother and sister, but they probably do the dirty.
  8. The two collaborate and mention each other in a ton of their songs. Like, “All Night Long”, “Make Me Proud”, “Miss Me” and “Moment 4 Life.” In Drake’s song Miss Me he says, “I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I’d admit it / I hope one day we get married just to say we fuckin’ did it / and girl I’m fuckin’ serious I’m with it if you with it”
  9. Let’s add another weird person that is actually signed under Young Money Entertainment: AUSTIN MAHONE. Mahomies represent.
  10. Mack Maine is the President of YM. He and Weezy grew up together. He’s has his own DVD distribution company called Kush Entertainment. AND he has his own record label, Soothe Your Soul Records. — These people literally make it sound so easy to have your own record label.. What do you think? GoodFellaMedia Entertainment? Sounds nice right?
  11. T-Pain was in talks to join Young Money/Cash Money in 2010. His management told him that they didn’t want to sign him because he was a “liability” and he drank too much. After talking it out, apparently Mack Maine, Slim and Lil Wayne just didn’t like T-Pain’s management.
  12. Remember when “Bed Rock” was the only fucking song that would play on the radio? Well it’s #ThrowbackThursday!
  13. Random fact: Justin Bieber (the guy every one loves to hate. You probably heard of him) is very close with Lil Wayne and the Young Money crew. Lil Twist is part of his crew and Nicki Minaj features in his song “Beauty and the Beat.” After a video of a young Justin saying a racist joke, YM defended the little asshole
  14. On occasion, people speculate that Drake is  planning on leaving the label because he wasn’t included in Rich Gang. Well doesn’t that sound kind of childish? There were also rumors that Lil Wayne was leaving the label to move to Rocafella (Jay-Z’s label) but those were false. In an interview he talks about Hova. He told MTV News, he would love to get the two families working together on something.
  15. From the facts above, and the chemistry and support YM have with each other is obvious.  It’s nice to read that not all rappers hate each other and that they genuinely believe in each other. SO CUTE. Even if they are weird as fuck.