WHO'S NEXT: Tiara Thomas

By: Nicole Murray | @nicomurr1524


Tiara Thomas is rapidly becoming a name associated with a set of vocals that can dance into people’s hearts. It doesn’t hurt to be accompanied by a set of fingers that can strum the guitar with ease. This is the name you should get used to seeing.

It all started in 2009 when Thomas began posting covers and original pieces on YouTube. The up-close and personal videos expose her voice for exactly what it is, versatile. Her covers range from Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” to The Fray’s “Never Say Never” and she is able to add her own original spice to ever video she has posted.

Later that year, she met The Board Administration Wale and Le’Greg O.Harrison at a Wale concert. After listening to samples of her music, they gave her the opportunity to open for Wale in New York City and perform with Diggy Simmons, J. Cole, and Fabolous. She finally signed with The Board Administration in 2011.


On May 30, 2011, she gained a massive amount of popularity when “The Cloud” was released on Wale’s mixtape More About Nothing. She is simply charming as she is smiling bright as she hits the notes and adds an acoustic touch to this otherwise rap single. Twitter and Facebook blew up and made it clear that her potential was just surfacing.

Also add to her list of accomplishments was being chosen as 2011-2012 Campaign Spokesperson for the American Eagles Outfitters Back to School We The People Campaign. Her original songs “Denim” and “Wassup” were used to promote the campaign and only had more people falling in love with her.

She hit the jackpot again when she was featured in another one of Wale’s singles titled “Bad”. This song is a bit slower and a tad more racy but Thomas is still able to have her vocal abilities shine through it all. Definitely is one of my favorite projects she has worked on and apparently I’m not the only one. On Youtube, the music video has more than 35 million views!

In June 2013, her track record with Wale went public when Thomas left Wale’s record label and signed with Rico’s Love Division 1 record label in a joint deal with Interscope Geffen A&M.

But she did prove herself worthy when on October 8, 2013, Thomas release a five song EP titled Dear Sallie Mae. This track list includes rap, acoustic-styled pop, and R&B singles. If she hasn’t already proven so, her voice is so versatile that she could sing, rap, or play just about anything. Just sit and listen as her voice bounces from note to note with ease and you won’t be disappointed.

Follow her on Twitter at @Tiara_Thomas to keep updated with what this star-to-be has in store.



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