This Is Not Your Daughter’s Bambi (Love & Hip-Hop ATL)

Interview by: by Joseph Arzuaga

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has not been on the air too long, but in the short time it has been, it has had some astonishing moments. Some of these moments seemed sweet, while others were what many would consider “ratchet”. Although she has only been on the show for one season, viewers have seen Addie Benson aka Bambi go through her fair share of moments. From canoodling in a hot tub with Ray Benzino, to demolishing her current boyfriend Lil’ Scrappy on the basketball court, many of us have become vested in Bambi’s life. We witnessed her first meeting with the often intimidating and offensive Mama Dee and we sat and watched as Bambi and Scrappy went through one of the hardest situations any couple could ever have to possibly go through. Bambi has proven herself to be tough, mentally, emotionally, and physically (just ask Erica P). With a burgeoning career in music, a college degree in public relations, a string of businesses down the line, and her own non-profit organization, we are sure to hear much more from this young lady from Compton.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Miss Bambi and we discussed her past, growing up in the gang infested streets of Compton, her present, and her extremely bright future. We also touch on her music, her relationship and her different ventures. This is most certainly not Disney’s Bambi.

JA“What was it like for you growing up in Compton?”

Bambi“Well, growing up in Compton was just growing up for me. Until I got older and I realized where I was growing up at, but when I was in it, it just was what it was. It was just life. Of course, it was really active with the gangs back then and there was a lot of shooting and robbing, but I never looked at it like it was terrible. It was where I lived. It was like, this is life. This is home.”

JA“Do you feel like Compton gave you a certain type of strength?”

Bambi“Definitely, Compton taught me survival skills. In Compton, you get in where you fit in and you do what you have to do to survive.”

JA“How did you end up in Atlanta?”

Bambi“I came to Atlanta to go to school here for a little while and then I went back home to L.A. to finish college. But, my sister was living in Atlanta so I moved back out here because my sister was living here.”

JA“Did you finish college?”

Bambi“Yes, I did. I graduated from Cal-State Dominguez Hill in Carlson, California.”

JA “What did you study?”

Bambi“I got a degree in Public Relations.”


JA“Cool. Congratulations. Can you tell us about your Pink Out Poverty charity organization?”

Bambi – “Yea, it’s called Pink Out Poverty and it is a foundation that we created to try to help young women who are actively trying to pursue education and they don’t have the resources that they may need. Basically, we want to go around and give as many girls as we can a positive push so that they can feel more confident in school. We just had our first event a couple months ago in Atlanta. I plan to take it as far as I can take it with the resources that I have. I plan to have an event in my hometown within the next two month and I have a couple of girls who are down with the movement, so we would to go nationwide with it.”

JA“Moving on to the music, I saw you did a mixtape and I know you dropped a single recently. When did you start doing music?”

Bambi“I’ve been doing music for about four years. My single with Lil Scrappy is called “We In the Club” and it dropped a little over a year ago. We just shot a video for it and we have a lot of stuff going on with music. With music, sometimes you’ll do a song and it may not get the right push at the time it’s released. Luckily, music is timeless so we can always go back and rework a song.”

JA“How did you end up on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?”

Bambi – “At first I was on Basketball Wives because Malaysia and I had been friends for years and it just made sense to transition over to Love and Hip Hop. Especially considering I Live in Atlanta, I do music, and Scrap and I had just recently entered into a relationship.”

JA“Do you feel the show changed your life the way you thought it would or did it have a bigger change then you expected?”

Bambi“Well, it changed it. I wasn’t looking forward to this type of change, but I had already developed a following because of my music. Now, these people are a lot more intrusive and it’s a difference. Before, I was able to connect with each and every person who reached out to me and was a fan of my music. Now, you know you have fans who are fans but not really fans, so it can get crazy. I am always that person that tries to reach out and connect with the people who are supporting what I am doing.”

JA“So, what are your plans for after the show?”

Bambi“Well, I have always been a hustler and a grinder so I will get back to all of my businesses. I will get back into being an entrepreneur. I am all about giving back, but this time it will be on a bigger scale.”

JA“I find some of the names Scrappy calls you to be hilarious, like “The Bamster” and ‘Bamzilla”. How do you feel about some of the nicknames he comes out with?”

Bambi“I think it’s funny. I have known Scrap for a long time and that is kind of the dynamic of our relationship. We are very playful and we laugh with each other all day every day. Now the world gets to see that now and it is kind of funny, but I’ve gotten used to all of his stuff and his language. For the most part I get it, but sometimes he still come out with some words or phrases that I have to ask him what he means.”

JA“Last question and please be honest, what was your first impression of Mama Dee? What we saw on the show, was that your first encounter with her?”

Bambi – “The first time I met Mama Dee was the scene on the show. I had already heard about her, but she wasn’t going to intimidate me or scare me. At the end of the day I feel that people who meet me are going to like me, so I just have to keep working on her.”

I would like to thank Bambi for allowing me to interview her. Everyone make sure to tune into Love and Hip Hop Atlanta on VH1 so we can continue to watch Bambi grow and expand her brand and her empire. We may even get to see her buss a head or two.