In An Attempt To Revive His Career, Ray J Gets Arrested


We’d be fronting if we said Ray J carried any relevance aside from the sex-tape that put Kim and her ass on the map. You know it. We know it. Brandy knows it, and shit, I think Ray J knows it.

While Kim was off in a foreign country sexing up her latest husband, Ray J drunk himself stupid in Beverly Hills grabbing unknown ass, spitting at cops and breaking windows and shit. Someone’s clearly hurt.

After cops came through to scope the scene, they ruled the ass grabbing at theBeverly Wilshire Hotel bar a whole misunderstanding. Ray J was good to go under the terms that he left the bar. Easy right? Not quite. He refused to leave under the circumstance that he’s spent tens of thousand of dollars at the hotels in the previous years. (I didn’t even known he had that much money).

Ray J tells TMZ he never grabbed an ass and never intentionally spit on anyone. How the fuck exactly do you UNintentionally spit on someone Ray J?! As for the shattered cop window, Ray J claims he needed air…STAT and so it was either his life or the window. He chose the window.

Ray J was booked for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. A representative of his has declined to comment about the arrest and Brandy is somewhere hiding in shame.