By Jocelyn Swift | @jayy_swift 

Hip Hop recording artist Meek Mill is making headlines yet again. An ex-cop is suing the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper for allegedly ruining his sex life with his fiancée. That’s a first! According to TMZ, the former police officer was fired from his job and has since been unable to find work because of being slammed in the media by Meek back in 2012.

This is one of the police officers involved in Meek’s 2012 arrest for allegedly being in possession of marijuana. Due to the lack of evidence, the case was dismissed which resulted in Meek’s decision to sue the city of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Meek lost the case, but it’s clear that he isn’t the only person losing. The ex –cop said the case and the public scrutiny is taking a tool on his life and his relationship and is now seeking $750,000 in “repairs.” “