Man Wants New Wu-Tang Album Destroyed: It Will Be Like The Crucifixion of Christ

There are some fans you just don’t want to piss off. Beliebers, for a start. They never fail to jump to JB’s defense, and they’re ready to issue death threats to anyone standing within ten feet of him. Then you’ve got the subculture fans; people who hide in their bedrooms laughing at everyone else until they’re poked with a cattle prod, prompting them to unleash the kind of fury normal people reserve for pedophiles or Donald Trump. But hip-hop heads can be the most butthurt of all, desecrating anyone who speaks ill of DOOM, or worse, still forgets to write his name in all caps. Lots of rap groups have insane fanbases, but none of them are as insane as the Wu-Tang Clan.

You’d think that the Wu would have known better than to do a number on their legion of devoted fans. Except they did, deciding to release just a single copy of their long-shelved silver and nickel-engraved double album The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for a multimillion dollar sum in an auction. The album will do the rounds at galleries and festivals before it’s sold—where swindled visitors can listen to the record for $50 a pop. To counter this marketing ploy, Wu fans got together and set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise money, hoping to win the bid for the album and spread it around in the name of cultural democracy instead of letting it sit in the pocket of one fat cat.

Chris Everhart—one of the craziest Wu-Tang fans—has taken matters into his own hands with an alternate crowdfunding approach. He has gone to the extreme length of setting up his ownKickstarter project in an attempt to raise $6 million to purchase and then elaborately destroy Wu’s new album in an “artistic and grandiose manner”. The official Wu kickstarter ended yesterday on around $15,400 with nearly 700 backers. Everhart’s isn’t far behind, having raised over $10,400 with only 25 backers, but his has another 48 days remaining. We caught up with him to find out why a fan would raise money to buy this expensive album just to destroy it.

(via Noisey)