The Decision 2014: LeBron James to Opt Out & Become Free Agent


By: Mike Cortez | @CortezEra 

Here we go again. It was just four years ago that LeBron James became a free agent and started a wildfire of speculation of where he would be. James ended up “taking his talents to South Beach” and winning two championships. With James now free to sign anywhere, the speculation is going to be worse.

Teams that were knocking on Carmelo Anthony’s door yesterday will now be sprinting for LeBron’s. Anyone with remote cap space will be vying for the King’s services so expect this offseason to be as dramatic as 2010. Will he re-sign with Miami and take a pay cut to make room for his buddy Melo? Will both take pay cuts to go to NY or will they take their talents to Los Angeles royalty with Kobe and the Lakers? Does James go solo to Houston, the Clippers or NY? Does he return home to Cleveland? In due time we will find out, until then get ya popcorn ready.