Kris Jenner's Instagram: The First to #ihatekanye Will Get A Follow

kris-jennerBy: Seniqua Sherman | @Sen_Kathleen Early Tuesday morning, the instagram of famous momager, Kris Jenner, fell victim to a hacker. It’s obvious the hacker intended on stirring up some trouble for Kris when mentioning pretty awful things about her new son in law; Kanye West (whom while wishing a happy birthday, also publicly introduced him as her “new son”). She hacked also made mention of French Montana and even his ex; Trina. kris-jenner-instagram The first message read:

“So this happened today! Shout out to all of my followers. I don’t like Kanye west! I just pretend I do so my daughters can make a profit. I can’t stand Kanye and I hate Karim…that’s French Montana. He’s not even black. If I liked blacks so much I’d date one! Truth be told they are a way to come up. LOL. Shout out to Pam from Martin Tachina Arnold you roasted him. Anywho the first to #ihatekanye will get a follow. Thanks dolls!!!”

The next:

“Who wants to battle with me I’m the baddest bitch…shot out to Trina”

And the final, was dedicated to any remarks of her “PR team”:

“My PR team will say I’m hacks [sic] I’m not let them come with it on radar or daily mail or TMZ I’m not hacked this is me DOLLS!!!”

Fortunately, Kris’s fans can decipher the real mogul from an imitator since most comments read that she must have obviously been hacked. But since the deleting of the horrid posts, Kris’s life has seemed to go back to normal, taking from her recent posts on Instagram.