Hot 97 Who's Next Live: Ladies Night Edition with Tinashe, Mapei & Kreesha Turner (Photo) 6.26.14

IMG_8880I walked into SOBs the other day and felt like I was at a Mardi Gras festival. There were streamers dangling from the ceilings, the energy was at an utmost high and the house was PACKED. I looked around and recognized almost no one, which assured me this show was about to be different. I didn’t know exactly how to brace myself, but I was excited to watch the headliner, Tinashe, perform. Her current single, “2 On,” with ScHoolboy Q was being played by nearly every radio station programmed in my car. I was ready to see what see what she was about. Opening acts included Mapei, Kreesha Turner and Too Many Zooz. I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of either act prior to the show. However, things changed shortly after watching their performances.

For the first time ever, (in my Who’s Next Live experience) each act on stage was accompanied by backup dancers. It was visually pleasing to watch the singers sing and the dancers dance, but let’s not get it twisted. Each performer had a few moves to bust too- especially Tinashe! Man can that girl move!

In my history of attending SOBs showcases I’ve never watched the stage consecutively be graced by so many beautiful women – and they each wore a head of curls, which made me feel more right at home than usual. Hyyy girl heyyyyyy…

If you’re not familiar with Tinashe I’ll forgive you because it means you’ve clearly been living in a box. However if you’re not a fan after today there’s nothing I can do to save you. Make sure you check out the likes of Mapei and Kreesha Turner. These women have some amazing voices. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Check out some flicks I caught below.


Photo Credit: @kymmiceelive