Dizaster-Gate: Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa During Battle At King of the Dot BOLA5


Battle rapping isn’t a sport for the weak. Mother’s are cursed out, baby mothers are made out to be thots, lies are exposed, and characters are picked apart. Taking all of this into account, what you never want (or what some do want) to see is for the war of words to get physical.

Dizaster punched Math Hoffa mid-battle at last night’s King Of The Dot’s Battle Of Los Angeles 5. While there’s still more information coming out regarding the situation it’s pretty apparent that this was inevitable given the history between these two. Peep the video footage below.

After delivering what looked to be a nice verse, Dizaster stops abruptly and threatens Hoffa with a punch to the face. The two jaw back and forth until Diz makes good on his words and lands a right hook square on Math’s jawbone which causes all hell to break loose. While occurrences like these are fun to talk about for the moment, I don’t know if this is good for battle rap in the grand scheme of things. More footage after the jump.