The Puerto Rican Connection: Cipha Sounds Replaces Angie Martinez in Hot 97 Lineup


By: Mike Cortez | @CortezEra 

Hot 97 were dealt a cruel hand last week when they lost their Derek Jeter as Rosenberg would say, losing Angie Martinez to rival Power 105. There was a lot of speculation of who would get that time slot. Miss Info? Rosenberg? Laura Stylez? Today we finally get an answer. Cipha Sounds. The veteran DJ has undoubtedly paid his dues at the station and is a solid choice to say the least.

Cipha Sounds broke the news via his Instagram that he and his buddy Angel will be on at 3, a spot that Martinez held down for twenty-plus years. It’s going to be different at first, but Cipha Sounds should be able to hold it down better than anyone else on Hot 97’s roster.