Black Dave talks how A$AP Rocky changed the mindset of NY Rappers & advice from Spike Jones


Black Dave is not to be confused for one of those Rappers who randomly tried to skate for the WorldStar Freaks and niche market fans. Dave is a natural born skater who decided to take rap serious. As he makes clear, neither is just a leisurely hobby, they are both serious career paths.

“That’s something that never leaves you. — This is my life and everybody that roles with me skates.”

He later discussed how important the success of A$AP Rocky’s purple swag video was to the NY Indie Rap Scene and how it helped create this “DIY” movement.

“A$AP Rocky, when he dropped purple swag. It was a moment when there wasn’t a big sort of independent grind for rappers in New York. It had a very DIY feel. — He built a cult following. From there you started see people like Flatbush ZOMBiES, World’s Fair, & a lot of people getting a good name out of New York.”

After interviewing his favorite Director, Dave elaborated on his passion for wanting to Direct Films and the advise Spike Jones gave him on being original in the midst of a lot of haters. Check out our exclusive interview below and make sure to download Stay Black 2

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