Power Moves Only: Angie Martinez Joins Power 105


By: Mike Cortez | @CortezEra

It was all good just a week ago. Radio legend shocked New York yesterday when she announced she was leaving Hot 97. This morning Clear Channel caused an even bigger stir, announcing Martinez has joined their squad. She’s swapping jerseys and heading to Hot 97 rival, Power 105.1 to DJ the same exact timeslot she held down at Hot 97 for so long.

The Martinez moves undoubtedly shifts the power of New York radio. With Power 105’s The Breakfast Club already dominating Hot 97’s morning show, just changed to “Ebro in the Morning”, adding Martinez puts Power 105 as the new number one station. It has been a rough couple of weeks at Hot 97. Dame Dash has come at Funk Flex pretty hard, Ebro’s #BlameEbro campaign seems to be hurting the brand more than it’s helping and Rosenberg always seems to get on someone’s bad side.

The ball is now in Ebro’s court. Since stepping down as program director and into Hot 97’s morning show, the radio station has seen Kay Foxx leave, Mister Cee (personal reasons) and now the Voice of NY herself  Angie Martinez. If Hot 97 has a master plan instore it better put it in motion now. Power 105 looks like a hungry Marlo Stanfield eager to knock down Avon Barksdale and become king of the NY. You’re up Ebro.