Wiz Khalifa – 28 Grams (Mixtape)



Being a Wiz Khalifa fan has been much like riding a roller coaster. In the beginning we saw the uprising of the Taylor Gang movement and it was awesome to see the rap world learn what we already were aware of from mixtapes like Star Power and Burn After Rolling. It was Kush & OJ that really pushed Wiz to the forefront and onto a XXL Freshman cover.

Then from there we saw a bit of a downfall; the music started to sound much like what we hear elsewhere. Wiz was consistently making music, some of it great, but some of it wasn’t so hot. He went on to release albums like O.N.I.F.C. and Rolling Papers which played more towards the mainstream audience and held a sound that we weren’t so pleased with.

The mixtapes on the other hand, were still filled with hits. Oh, and Wiz is no stranger to the mixtape world and he’s dropped plenty of dope ones (Burn After Rolling, Taylor Alderdice, Prince of the City 2, Cabin Fever, etc). Now we receive his latest mixtape which finds him returning to a more trap sound. That disclaimer doesn’t immediately get me excited but I have been a fan for so long I know there are gonna be some bangers on this project.

After spending some time in a Texas jail being busted for Weed possession (go figure), Wiz releases the mixtape: 28 Grams, with 28 tracks featuring verses and production from Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Curren$y, Curtis Williams and more. The mixtape is preceding the release of his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood, which is set to release later this year. Listen to the project below, drop a comment. Let us know what you think of this one!