Noelz Vedere Reveals "Bittersweet Victory" Cover Art and Tracklist


Noelz Vedere has been building up to a Bittersweet Victory, his upcoming album. After dropping some well received joints like “Promise Land” and the Freddie Gibbs-assisted “Out of Focus” Noelz is poised to drop a project that will definitely bring some well-deserved attention his way. Check out the tracklist for Bittersweet Victory below and make sure you check it out on May 20th.

Tracklist for Bittersweet Victory:

1. “Promise Land” (ft. Kaye Fox, Ben Official & Kiara Lanier)
2. “Let Me Burn”
3. “Blackout”
4. “Out Of Focus” (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
5. “Bittersweet” (ft. Sunni Colon)
6. “So Blessed”
7. “Censored Love” (ft. Kiara Lanier)
8. “High Class” (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)
9. “Garden Of Eden” (ft. Jahzel, A-Cross, & Chris Alonzo)
10. “Fallen Soldier”