Fuck, That's Delicious w/ Action Bronson: Ep 1 (Video)


It’s no secret that Action Bronson is a fucking awesome human being. Aside from rapping, everyone I know who has encountered him personally has spoken very highly of him saying that he’s genuine and hilarious. And of course we all know his prowess on the mic, he’s one of the best out doing it right now.

The folks over at Vice have created a series on their new channel “Munchies” specifically for Bronson titled Fuck, That’s Delicious¬†where he serves as the host. In episode one of the series you will¬†hear talk about his experiences on tour, diving off of yachts, cooking up meat in South Africa, and eating Ice Cream in Queens. New episodes are set to premier every month, stay tuned for the next one.

[via Munchies]