Desus vs. Mero Ep. 14 (Video)


Complex TV has one of the funniest web shows out with Desus vs. Mero. In case you have never caught an episode, allow me to summarize what happens: take two funny ass dudes from the hood and give them a couple of topics to go in on. Desus and Mero bring the jokes, give advice, and commentary on everything that’s going on in the media.

Now this is episode 14, 14! So if this is your first time watching, you have a lot of catching up to do! The latest episode finds Desus and Mero offering up advice to Tyga in regards to his beef with Lil Durk, flying shovels, respecting the neighborhood, and having sex with your teachers. Catch up on all of the episodes on the “Desus vs. Mero” show homepage.

[via ComplexTV]