World's Fair – "Nem Diggas" (Video)


Who doesn’t love pizza? If you happen to be one of those people, get the fuck outta here! You can’t be trusted. Now that we’ve freed the room of those shady mo’fo’s, allow me to present this cool ass video that premiered today. Queens rap collective World’s Fair dropped their latest video today with “Nem Diggas,” easily one of my favorite records off of the project. What makes this video especially cool is how they shot it. The main video (below) will show some weird angles and distorted imagery of the crew kicking it at a pizza party in the barbershop. But if you head on over to you will be able to put yourself in the room and watch the action happen as if you were physically there. 

The entire video was shot with a bunch of GoPro cameras which gave multiple perspectives. This was a creative one, read below:

“The idea was to capture the energy of a cipher from a new perspective that didn’t feel contrived,” the group says. “We decided to shoot a 360 interactive video, allowing users to move around the room on their own accord, making each viewing experience different from the last. With multiple cameras and a rig built of basic materials, we shot the video at AJ’s barbershop in Brooklyn.”


[via Noisey]