Junglepussy – "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (Audio)


In the rap game there isn’t a large popularion of female spitters. Nicki Minaj is arguably the hottest out right now, while Iggy, Azelea Banks, and Nitty Scott MC are putting up a hell of a fight. Now appears Brooklyn-born Junglepussy; I’ve originally heard of Junglepussy while scrolling through my Twitter timeline but this happens to be the first song I’ve actually heard from her and I have to admit, I dig it.

Junglepussy has an upcoming project, Satisfaction Guaranteed, which is a full-length collaboration with producer Shy Guy, who has previously worked with Mykki Blanco, Bodega Bamz, and GrandeMarshall. Be on the lookout for the upcoming debut project and checkout the single below.

[via Revolt]