Big Sean's Lost "Sanctified" Verse (Audio)


When we first heard Rick Ross, Kanye West, and Big Sean‘s “Sanctified” we were all pretty happy with it, but we had to wonder; why did Big Sean only get 8 bars? Though we would have all have liked to have heard more of him on the official record, this ‘lost’ verse’s leak will dead the wonders. Big Sean snaps for a verse full of wordplay and slick talk. Pay attention.

If I’m in the field then you know that I TD
Overtime, all the time, man I repeat it
I need some good pussy and Posturepedic
Stress that so hard think my hairline receded
I say how I say and I feel how I feel
And I won’t take it back, it’s no need to recede it
You stuck on a bitch?
Well I stuck to the script all my life, ain’t no need to re-read it