9 Things Oxymoron Taught Us About Schoolboy Q


Schoolboy Q is an interesting figure. In past interviews he’s stated that he didn’t take rap seriously until 2010 – fast forward to 2014 and he has the number one album in the country. Critically acclaimed with commercial validation, Schoolboy Q has always been here to us, but he’s officially here on a wide scale.

While many of us knew a lot about Q, Oxymoron gave us another layer of depth to the Figueroa St. representative. Let’s take a look at 9 things Oxymoron taught us about Schoolboy Q.

1. He attended 52nd Street Elementary


Most my life on 51st, went to school on 52nd

Used to fight on 49th, Grandma said be home by night” – Yay Yay

Schoolboy Q is a pretty interesting name for a guy who doesn’t necessarily promote academic activities. Here we learn that before Q was hanging around on 51st and fighting on 49th, Quincy was doing his thing at 52nd street elementary school. He would later go on to graduate from Crenshaw High School and played football for several Los Angeles community colleges.

2. Schoolboy Q is a strong supporter of Deadline Limited Apparel


Deadline my clothing, don’t fuck with Pink Dolphin” – The Purge

Schoolboy Q isn’t exactly a fashionisto, but he does take pride in his attire. He looks down on hypebeasts who he feels he can spot in brands such as Pink Dolphin and instead wears and promotes Deadline Limited. Don’t throw away your PD shirts now.

3. Schoolboy was a big fan of pimp-rap aficionado, Suga Free


I’m a drug dealing nigga, roll my cyc’ on Hoover’s street

Just a year after Pac died we all bump Suga Free” – Yay Yay

Suga Free is a California based rapper whose rhymes focused on the life of the American pimp. Q  was part of the many fans who mourned the death of Tupac by listening to his music, but Q became more interested in Suga Free’s tales of the pimp life at this time of his life. In a dream come true, Schoolboy Q was able to get Suga Free on Oxymoron’s “Grooveline Pt. 2. Groovy indeed.

4. Schoolboy Q does not save hoes.


Then rewind my Indo, then unroll my rillo

The bad guy never once been a hoes hero” – Hoover Street

Q isn’t the one for the wining and dining or head on the shoulder crying. Q makes his intentions with the ladies clear. The most he may do is dedicate a demanding verse to you, shorty.

5. He rather die than go to jail


Court date, but I skipped the bail

Rather wig myself before I sit in jail” – What They Want?

After a stint in jail in 2007, Schoolboy Q refuses to go to jail no matter what the outcome was for his illegal activities. Whether it was because he couldn’t get money, women, or quality time with his daughter Q made it clear that he was no snitch, but the pen was not in the plans. He rather be carried by 6 than judged by 12.

6. Schoolboy Q is a fan of cunninlingus


Put my tongue in different places, play a game of Operation

Na-na-na, la-la, la-la, you get what I’m saying” – Studio

This line was just unexpected yet respected so we had to throw this in here. Q’s got the ladies going nuts with his linguistics and cunnilingus, pause.

7. Q struggled with addictions to prescription pills such as Xanax and Percocets in the past.


My mommy call, I hit ignore

My daughter calls, I press ignore

My chin press on my chest, my knees press the floor

I’m blanking out, woke up on the couch” – Prescription/Oxymoron

One of the more serious notes picked up from the album, Q went into detail about his prescription pill addiction, mainly the effect it had on his relationships with family and his work output. Glad to see he’s got that under control and turned that negative into a positive.

 8. He started selling prescription pills after seeing it yield higher profits than the rap game.


You gotta re-up 50 times just to get a rack off, ungh

I can get a hundred of ’em, make over 3 G’s” – Prescription/Oxymoron

Q is no dummy. While everyone was so amped on dealing cocaine, Q switched lanes to the pill game and racked up more money than they ever could. He probably doesn’t have to do either anymore though.

9. He does this for his four year old daughter, Joy


Go hard for my Joy, so she don’t need no boy

Smile stay on her face, big room with her own space” – Break The Bank

At the end of the day, Schoolboy does this rap thing for Joy, his daughter who appears on the album’s cover and can be heard at the beginning of several tracks on the album . In fact, the reason Q named the album Oxymoron is because of the idea that all of the bad he has done was to provide a good life for his daughter.