100s – IVRY (Mixtape)



Every now and again there emerges a rapper that possesses an aura that is immediately felt by all within earshot. That rapper I’m talking about in this instance is the coldest Mack in the game right now: 100s. Hailing from Berkely, California 100s has already established himself as the leader of the new funk wave with his previous mixtape¬†Ice Cold Perm. Through that project, 100s taught listeners the essentials of the pimp game; 100s told stories of women tripping over each other at the chance to file his nails and braid his hair, it’s something very reminiscent of the classic pimp figures in the rap game.

My first time hearing of 100s was probably the same time as much of the world when he appeared on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V with one of the smoothest records on the soundtrack. After that, Ice Cold Perm was posted to pretty much every rap blog and the rest is history.

100s’ latest offering is his 8 song project on Fool’s Gold with IVRY. The mixtape is short, but it is pretty damn good. The subject matter is very much similar to Ice Cold Perm being that 100s is trying to teach you fools a thing or two about being a mack and keeping that pimp hand skrong. He sounds a lot more comfortable and confident on these tracks and these instrumentals compliment his style very well. Go ahead and stream IVRY below, learn a thing or too, but make sure you vibe to this funky shit.

Oh, and if you’re headed to SXSW be sure to check him out performing down there. He’ll certainly be performing some of his new work.