Elle Morgan (@DJElleMorgan), a 13-Year-Old Producer, Releases New Track 'Starkidz'


Martin Garrix has frequently spoken about how Tiësto inspired him to become a DJ when the then 8-year-old Garrix saw the EDM superstar perform at the 2004 Athens Olympics. But Garrix isn’t the only one. When she was just 9 years old, Texas-based Elle Morgan went to a Tiësto show with her parents.

“Watching him perform and play the music he produced was very inspiring,” says Morgan, now 13. “I begged for two years that they let me become a DJ. On my 11th birthday they finally broke down and got me the equipment I needed to start learning”.

You can listen to the premiere of Morgan’s newest single, “Starkidz” here:

(via Billboard)