List: The Richard Sherman Award For Best Trash Talker in the Game

“Hate to brag, but motherfucker that’s hip hop” – J. Cole


Trash talking, shit talking, spitting your game, whatever you want to call it, has gone hand in hand with Hip Hop since it’s inception. The whole genre is based off of letting the world know how brilliant you are. Hip hop is the only profession where it’s okay to be cocky, in fact it’s a requirement of some sorts.

Richard Sherman gave us that memorable moment during his post game interview after the Seattle Seahawks’ win in the NFC Championship game, and if you’ve ever visited his Twitter page you’d know that he’s an avid rap fan so it’s only right that we present the award for Best Trash Talker in Hip Hop in his honor —

And the nominees are…


Cam has made a living off of talking smack. From records to interviews, Cam’s sole purpose has been to piss the other guy off while he’s doing his thing. Remember the Jay Z-Chancleta jokes? Or “Currrrtiiisss!” Or how about him dissing Nas’ mother after her untimely death? Whether he’s fucking around of just trying to be fucked up, Cam’ron holds nothing back when it comes to speaking his mind, especially at the expense of others.

50 Cent

50 Cent’s ability to craft melodic hooks was his main asset, but his mouthpiece created more controversy than a presidential scandal.

50’s barbs on Ja Rule were the worst, and remember when he called Lil Wayne a whore? His way of taking an analytical approach to his smack talk gives you the same feeling you get when you get a backhanded compliment. Imagine having to deal with this guy everyday at school or something.

Rick Ross

Ricky Rozay is a character so it’s only fitting that this guy makes this list. No matter whether you like him or not, you have to get a kick out of hearing him refer to 50 as a ‘munnnkkey’ while smoking blunts in a stairwell. This guy is all class.

Jim Jones

Jimmy was never a reputable lyricist (although ‘On My Way To Church’ is a personal favorite of mine), so you know he had to have a polarizing personality, and that he did. The first time I heard Camron’s “I Really Mean It” I had to stop and wonder — who is this guy talking about “popping people sideways” and “dragging faggots,”AND dissing Nas? The next few years would let us know what the “We Fly High” rapper was about. “Balling!” Jim Jones’ adlibs were so good. I remember downloading “We Fly High” and getting a version where the adlibs were amplified while the verses played in the background.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane is a killer, umm, when it comes to popping, umm, shit.  He solidified his spot on this list after the Twitter tirade in 2013 where he pretty much shitted on everyone he’s ever worked with. I don’t think hip hop was prepared for what they got when this dude let loose, I mean, Guwop was respected in all circles. Since the Twitter rant his career hasn’t been the same. He got dropped from Atlantic and might have ruined every business relationship he’s made in the music industry.

Lil Wayne

You cannot beat a guy who says “I’m the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired” and “weed and syrup ’til I die, it’s probably gonna kill me…Cause you ain’t!” Weezy’s wit is his main asset and he uses it to the best of his ability in and out of the booth. The man can turn a lump on a log into a slick punch line, then tell you how nice he is because of it. When it was reported that Wayne was banned from NBA events because of the Miami Heat, Wayne took to the stage to voice his opinion with his trigger aimed at the Heat’s Chris Bosh’s head.

Max B

O brother where art thou, Max Bigavell? Something about Harlem seems to bring out the bravado of an emcee. Max B’s melodic hooks were surrounded by Wavy Crocket’s boasts of trysts with his past associates’ girlfriends and Hennessy

Pimp C

The Pimp was a legend for his classic cuts with his partner Bun B, but the insight he gave us in his interviews were something else. He was slick and spoke with conviction, hence a Pimp named C. You didn’t want to be on the opposite end of a Pimp C tirade, every sentence was like the lashes of a fathers ass whooping, making sure that you wouldn’t cross that line again.


Last, but not least we have the innovator of smack talk. “You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife.” “Don’t one of you niggas got sickle cell..?” Pac  was the ruthless in his verbal assualts. He made the King of New York look human and talked to future legends like Jay Z and Prodigy like talentless schlubs.

Honorable mentions: Birdman & Diddy

The truth is, the only reason these two aren’t on the list is because they aren’t full time rappers. These two have made rap careers from simply talking shit. Birdman has been rubbing his hands for 20 years, rattling off the list of items he’s purchased as prepares us for his next business move. Diddy‘s trash talk goes back to ’97 when he was screaming his lungs out over “Victory.” And you cannot forget this fiasco:

The exlcusion of Kanye West: Kanye doesn’t talk trash, there’s more behind his words than just shit-talk and when he does go off, it isn’t with malicious intent.

The best part about trash talk is watching when it’s either back up or shoved back down the talkers throat. Who do you feel deserves the award or should have been nominated? Leave some comments in the section below.