Danse Dimes – "The Devil is Alive" (Audio)


New music out of NY from Bklyn Stickup. The crew’s front man Danse Dimes drops his latest track over the Rick Ross & Jay-Z track “Devil is A Lie.” The name of this track is “The Devil is Alive” and it goes against their song saying that the Devil is present in everyday life through the hardships and evils.

“For the record, I’m not glorifying the devil, but he definitely proves himself to be real daily, I’m just agreeing to disagree with Jay Z and Rick Ross and support my stance with evidence.”

Danse caught wind back in November after dropping “The End,” with Nyck Caution of Pro Era. Be on the lookout for more new music from Bklyn Stickup; Danse will be dropping a new remix every week this year on bklynstickup.com. The group album Don’t Feed the Animals is dropping at the end of January.

That single art is wild dope too.

[via MassAppeal]