Things We’ve Learned From Yung Lean from AMA Interview (Editorial)

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Have you heard of the Sad Boyz movement? The movement is spreading through blogs and social media sites like wildfire. In fact recently Tyler The Creator uploaded a photograph to Instagram next to Jay-Z with the quotation “Sad Boyz” which then prompted the masses to wonder what exactly that meant. Well folks, it’s okay to express your emotions and drink Arizona Iced Tea. The movement comes from a Young Swedish rapper by the name of Yung Lean. Lean recently took to reddit via the Hip Hop Heads section to answer some fan questions. The following are the responses that we found the most interesting. Tears flowing like the Nile, emotional lifestyle. Tears like I just watched Marley and Me. My dog died and the funeral is in the backyard. So emotional.
1.) He’s totally down with “banging” teachers

[–]ajdreher 33 points 1 day ago

I’m taking Swedish at a university in the states. Should I bang my teacher? Tack

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 50 points 1 day ago

HAHAHA yes u should!!! varsågod

2.) He claims the Golden Age of Music was 2001-2003 (He was 5 years old in 2002)

[–]camma64 23 points 1 day ago

what the meaning behind the 2001-2003 dates? are those your golden years?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 56 points 1 day ago

yes definetely the golden years through music. dipset kanye, everything was better back then


3.) He First Got Into Rap When He Heard Ghostface Killah

]Tostido 49 points 1 day ago

Big fan, check out /r/sadboys ! What got you into rap? What’s your favorite Arizona, and how much was that gucci bucket? Emotional shit

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 69 points 1 day ago

gucci hat 6hunna. i got into rap when i heard ghostface killah for the first time. my favorite arizona is blueberry white


4. His Dream Collab Would Be Alongside Diana Ross, Usher and R. Kelly

[–]alecpronk 29 points 1 day ago

what artists do you want to collaborate with? and how did you accumulate so many fans at such a young age?

From, A Fellow sadboy

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 73 points 1 day ago

hello a fellow sadboy. i want to collaborate with diana ross and usher and r kelly.


5.) He’s Well-Versed in Underground Hip-Hop (and King Krule)

[–]amornoir 14 points 1 day ago

What’re your top 3 hip-hop albums of all time, and your top 3 favorite non hip-hop and non-R&B artists?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 64 points 1 day ago

1. madvillainy – madvillain 2. the unseen – quasimoto 3. king krule – king krule 4. kanye west – college dropout 5. tyler the creator – bastard. 6. lil ugly mane – mista thug isolation


yung lean 2

6.) He Tends to Disregard the Haters (Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop)

What did you think about Anthony Fantano’s (Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd) review of your tape Unknown Death 2002?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 104 points 1 day ago

dont really care. he should stop wasting his time and do something creative himself instead. its always more giving and fun


7.) His Next Album Will Be Titled Unknown Memory

[–]chadleatherberry 6 points 1 day ago

Are you doing to get any vinyl presses of Unknown Death 2002 for sale?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 27 points 1 day ago

nah for the next album. unknown memory


8.) He is Not Actually Sad

–]gothgirl420666 6 points 1 day ago

why are you sad? what are you the most sad about?

what are your favorite albums, hip hop and non hip hop? what’s your favorite rapper?

do the sad boys have a lot of groupies yet?

how was your weekend?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 20 points 1 day ago

im not sad. haha lol. just the name of my crew. i like SBTRKT and madvillainy. i like spaceghostpurrps – blackland66.6 and toro y moi’ – anything in return

my weekend was awesome. in germany with my friends smoking and drinking beer


9.) He Can Be Found At Your Girlfriend’s House (Most Likely On Mondays)

–]choxorz 19 points 1 day ago

lean where in sweden do i find you

youre my favorite pokemon

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 96 points 1 day ago

at ur girlfriends house…..” all my weed is free yes i fuck bitches on mondays”


10.) Believe It or Not, SADBOYS met….At A Park

[–]Umbraa 2 points 7 hours ago

How long have you known gud and sherman ? How did you meet?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 4 points 7 hours ago

2 years we met in a park

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.41.55 PM

11.) SADBOYS is a group comprised of Yung Lean and two of his friends (Yung Sherman and Yung Gud).

[–]bootynuggets 34 points 1 day ago

explain the orgin of “sadboys”. also, how do you and your friends come up with video ideas like for Hurt? that shit is wild and creative as fuck.

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 60 points 1 day ago

sadboys is three friends. me axel and micke. aka yung sherman and gud. sadboys is just the name of our crew and hurt is just a music video from our imagination


12.) He first decided he wanted to make music when he was 11.

 [–]beefswellingtondude 16 points 1 day ago

Yung lean, when did you decide you wanted to start making music? Stay sad :(

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 33 points 1 day ago

when i was like 11


13.) He takes inspiration from BAPE and Basquiat. 

[–]mama-earth 8 points 1 day ago

Who are some of your influences in your music/life?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 30 points 1 day ago

nigo the creator of bathing ape. he is cool as fuck and so is jean micheal basquiat


14.) His favorite weed strain is White Widow.

[–]HeroOfBladehold 3 points 1 day ago

Whats your favorite weed strain?

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 18 points 1 day ago

white widow


15.) His favorite Arizona flavor is Blueberry White.

[–]Tostido 49 points 1 day ago

Big fan, check out /r/sadboys ! What got you into rap? What’s your favorite Arizona, and how much was that gucci bucket? Emotional shit

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 69 points 1 day ago

gucci hat 6hunna. i got into rap when i heard ghostface killah for the first time. my favorite arizona is blueberry white 


16.) He has SADBOYS merch coming out in the near future.

[–]SHIT_CAKED_PUBES 25 points 1 day ago

have any merch coming out??

[–]Yunglean2004[S] 50 points 1 day ago

yes merch coming out brother!!!

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