Phreshy Duzit Interview


interview by kemsirtyluv

New York born, Detriot raised rapper Phreshy Duzit is what’s up next. Good*Fella had a chance to speak to him about his music, issues with Atlantic Records, influences, and branding.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Phreshy: I’m just a laid back fly kid from Brooklyn. I make dope tunes and put them out for those that demand good music. I rep that Neighborhood PHCK$ life everyday I’m alive.

Being born in New York and begin raised in Detroit what influence did it have on ur music?
Phreshy: I’m blessed to have both cities in my life. The contrast between Detroit and Brooklyn is heard in my music. I’d say that the Detroit hip-hop scene is also influenced by down south culture, most likely cause all of my homies in Detroit have family in Atlanta, New Orleans, etc… Growing up on that, and the music New York was famous for in the 90′s really inspired my sound and delivery.

What gave you the influence to do music?
I come from a musical family. I was always a fan of good music. I also had a creative mind when It came to writing in school. I got bad grades in every other class, but I always had a thing for writing. The marriage was made when I made writing raps a hobby.

What is your current status at Atlantic Records, and what is the situation?
Fuck Atlantic Records as a staff, record label, and a mother-fuckin crew. The most tasteless urban department, the A&R’s all push for artists that they personally have in their pocket. No legit musicality is coming from that office. The whole venture was a mistake. I demanded a release and I’m finally in the final stages of being free once again.

Being signed to a major record label and not getting the shine, as some other artist that are signed how did it affect your music?
It made me more aggressive. I needed to build that fire that I lost when I first got signed. I was too excited to be in 5 star hotels and million dollar studios. It’s easily to lose focus and creative energy when you surround yourself with bullshit. I have nothing to prove to the label, I’m doing better without their cooperation.

As an new artist a lot of times people say that labels want them to change their image or music. Do you feel as though it happen to you?
The problem now days is the confusion amongst new Artists being empty vessels & meeting label execs with no creative knowledge. You put those two together and it’s a recipe for failure. If a new artist has pride and direction they will never have this conflict. My image is mine, my music is mine, that didn’t sit well with the bitter old guys at the label.

You’ve released a lot of singles and visuals lately, what is your fans reactions?
I have a core fan base that is now demanding more. They love it, the mission now is to multiply that fan base.

How do you feel your music is different from other artist?
My content is mine, my production unique, and my delivery is like none other. I take pride in my beat selection and nobody else has the luxury of working with my producer Nylez, who is the best producer out right now in my opinion.

Who are some artist that you plan on working with?
I honestly don’t give a fuck about any other artist if they aren’t in my immediate team. All these guys are dickriders, as I gain momentum and build celebrity I’m sure that they will all come around asking for a feature. I’m all for the underdogs and the up & comers, they have the most to offer. I’m down to work with anybody new doing something new.

Who would you say is you music influence?
Life is my only influence. You will hear it in the music.

What motivates your music?
Again, Life. Good or bad. Those that say it can’t be done also feed my desire to prove them wrong. I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since I entered this bullshit fasad we call the industry.

Aside from music which seems to be your continues motivation, what else keeps you going?
Seeing my family and team happy. Talent and Hope is all we have, we have to protect that.

What type of music can we expect on the album, and who will you be collaborating with?
Phreshy: Raw, real-life, Brooklyn/Detroit street upscale fly shit sitting on a stoop reflecting on life and pursuing a dream type music. The twisted shit that goes on my mind will also make a few cuts. Only collabs on the album are Nylez & Rich Flyer. I might have a track with The Kid Daytona as well.

Tell us about your brand Neighborhood PHCK$?
Phreshy: Neighborhood PHCK$ is a representation of my team and I. A talented collective, we push boundaries and we are all the best at what we choose to do. Aside from that we got some real fly apparel that we wear & sell.

Aside from the album what else can we expect from you?
Phreshy: Expect some real dope visuals to go with these songs that I have been working on. Also I have plenty of shows popping up in my calendar.