Jabari Meets Ex-Google Employee Hoodie Allen (Documentary Trailer)

Hoodie Allen has been on his indie grind since I can remember. He’s been recently working with artist like Jared Evan, Chiddy Bang and D-Why. I’ll be honest, I’ve never given him a chance but there’s no denying the kid is doing something right. He’s known for selling out shows across the country and making a name for himself. Plus, I heard he left Google to pursue his dream to become a rapper. Personally, I would have stayed at Google. They sure know how to treat their employees right, lol.

My friend Jabari has been on his filmaker grind with upcoming artist across the country as well. My favorite documentary from season 2 is the Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis one thus far. My favorite from his old archive is when he was flirting with Nicki Minaj (He had that in the bag, kidding… not really kidding).

“I don’t want N*ggas gettin’ shot over my box, my sh*t is star box. N*ggas have gotten shot over my box”
Nicki Minaj