DIVAS: Melina Pitra





Melina started her modelling career at the age of 20
During summer of 2005, a rumor said that she was having an affair with argentinian producer Adrian Suar. But shortly after,
the rumor was dismissed, but that was enough to launch her to fame.
She appeared in the most important argentinian magazines, such as Hombre, Claro, Paparazzi, Gente and Caras.
Until 2007 Melina hosted the television show “Planeta Moda” (Planet Fashion), wich started in 2005 on America TV channel.
The show dealed with topics like current trends, campaigns and interviews with fashion designers
In 2007, she made a stop in her modelling and hosting activities, and participated in the “Gran Hermano Famosos” show
(Big Brother: Celebrities), replacing Pachu Peña. After two weeks of competition, she self-nominated and was eliminated by the audience vote.
In 2008, Melina established a relationship with Big Brother 5’s winner, Esteban Morais, which continued and ended in the media.
That same year, she participated in the segment “Patinando por un Sueño” (Dancing on ice), from the Showmatch show
In 2009, she started a romance with Independiente’s goalkeeper, Fabian Assman

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