Written by: Kymmi Cee


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Curtis Williams was born in Tacoma, Washington and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it should come as no surprise that New York City has taken quite the liking to this now ATL native. For the past couple of months Curtis and the rest of Two-9 members have created a viral buzz for themselves among some of the hottest blogs, websites and venues.

I first witnessed Curtis perform at the Pyramid Clubin New York about a year ago during the annual CMJ festivities held in the city. Almost instantly, I became intrigued by his stage presence. He performed a set that was followed by Dave and JesusMunchies of FatKidsBrotha. Within seconds of the show they had us hooked – us being my on-air co-host Justin D Live and myself. We took one look at each other and knew we <had to exchange words with the ATL bred rising star.

At the age of 14, Curtis recollects dabbling with the artistry of music stating that he often messed around with FruityLoops, an early digital audio software used for the creation of music.

“Playing around my friend’s computer. On whatever beats he had on there. Rather, it was a random Snoop Lion instrumental or a random beat off soundclick, but I was always on FruityLoops playing around. Making beats for my brother and few other friends,” he recalls.

With a grin smacked across his face Curtis admits to his rapping career setting off as an attempt to be “cool” and fit in with everyone else who was doing it; rapping. If the rest of his peers rhymed then what should have kept him from doing the same? Little did he know that, unlike the rest of his peers who did it as a pastime, it would be something more for him.

My encounter with Curtis included a couple of bizarre moments that will brand it as one of the most memorable for lifetimes to come. I’ll be sure to provide a video which recaps the event. While we chatted, a man of Mexican descent walked up to us taking a hit of a clip that was being interchanged between Curtis and another member of his collective. The unwelcomed man proceeded by lightly sparing us with a swift rhyme (that I later noticed wasn’t that horrible once revisiting the footage). Mind boggled and f*cked, we told him we’d catch up with him later, laughed it off and continued conversation. Only in New York City would something so uncanny happen and yet still seem ordinary.

Needless to say, we all exchanged contact and kept in touch from there. Since then, it’s been a pleasure watching Curtis and the rest of Two-9 grow. “Trill Shit Only,” as promised, was released on November 4th and welcomed with opened arms. I, personally, took a liking to the tape, but it wouldn’t be until the release of the collective’s “Two 9 Forever,” released on July 4th, that I and those around me would begin to truly witness the group’s potential. Curtis and Two-9 have received placement on just about every major blog, including he almighty Complex Media Inc. A$AP Rocky has also gone on record stating that he “f*cks with Curtis”

It’s inevitable to say, at the very least, that Curtis Willams’ potential will take him far. We’ve witnessed groups such as Odd Future, A$AP Mob, and Pro Era take off before our very own eyes. Now, it’s time to brace ourselves as Two-9 makes their way to the top because they’re next.