We’re Giving Away Tickets To See Trash Wang ft. Mellowhype (Odd Future) and Trash Talk (11/17/12)!

Odd Future and the hardcore band Trash Talk have teamed up for the Trash Wang Tour, also featuring Mellowhype. Think Odd Future is chaotic, raw, and intense on their own? Just wait until they join forces with this hardcore band. The environment will most definitely be interesting with all different types of fans of each genre and even fans of both! This will be a showcase of both stage presence and experience. Certainly one that will be remembered. Be sure to grab tickets early for this one!

How can I get a free pair you ask? Easy, just submit your name, twitter, and e-mail below and also follow/tweet this (click here). We’ll send our random winner an e-mail/tweet on Thursday, Nov. 15th.