#TopicTuesday w/@kymmiceelive: What would you do if this guy slapped your GF’s behind?

You’re in the club, with your girlfriend. You’re feeling good about yourself. Not only are you sporting your go-to shoes, but your outfit is on point, you’re dripping “swaggu,” and your lady is looking better than ever. She’s got this glow to her that’s hypnotized you for the night just like the very first time you two locked eyes. The crowd of people in the club is the only thing keeping you from ripping her clothes off. You can’t wait to take her home and give her the business, but for the sake of a good night you do. You play it safe by having a drink at the bar with your boys, laughing at some of the less attractive girls looking your way and keeping an eye on your prize every so often.

When suddenly…


I’ve spent a number of days showing the meme above to men that have crossed my path and I’ve gotten a plethora of answers. My favorite: “I’d shoot ‘em.” Yea, with what gun?

For the sake of argument I’d love for every man I asked to man up and say he’d defend his lady, but the truth of the matter is that no man wants to die. So, we have to look at the bigger picture. What’s worth more, yours and your girl’s dignity or your face?

Out tens of men, my best friend’s boyfriend, Kordell, actually said he’d take the guy on and whoop his behind. From what I know it didn’t end there, as he continued to tell my friend the number of things he’d do to put the hulk in his place. No other man, with the exception of my good friend Norman, said they’d do anything about it. In fact, men admitted to looking the other way, blaming their girl and even buying the hulk a drink! Outrageous, but sincere at the very least.

So now, my real question…what would YOU do?

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