DIVAS: Mariana & Camila Davalos (Davalos Twins)





Mariana Davalos and Camila Davalos are twin sisters. Better known as the Davalos Twins, they often pose together for hot & sexy photo shoots and now days, after being mentioned in the Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks blog, the Davalos Twins are riding the supreme fame wave all across the top Google and Yahoo trends.
Currently, the term ‘Davalos Twins’ is spreading flames all across the world wide web as lots of ‘curve-loving’ fans have continuously been coming this way since last week to check out the sexy lingerie pictures of the hot and happening Davalos Twins.

According to the reports, surfing on the web about the sweltering beauties, Davalos Twins – both Mariana and Camila – have recently joined the famous Lingerie Brand, Besame.

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