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Florencia Tesouro was born in the city of Lanús, located in the province of Buenos Aires. It made debut in the mass media when she was 15 years old, at that time it was selected by Cris Morena to repay one of its casts.

Years later, precisely in 2007, Florencia Tesouro turned into the most beautiful woman rose with the first place in the contest “Miss Reef“, where it is rewarded to the best tail(booty, butt, etc.) of the beach. From this moment it begun to be summoned for works where it had to show its body.

Florencia Tesouro received alot popularity after its participation in the program “Big brother 5”, reality show that Telefé aired in the year 2007.

At present Florencia Tesouro continues her artistic career, mixing photographic, Shoots for some of the most important magazines( Hombre magazine, Playboy) in addition to roles in stage plays and some television appearences.

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