David Amaya: “What Does Hip Hop Mean To You?” (Part 6)

In Week 6 of the #WhatDoesHipHopMeanToYou series David Amaya caught up with our very own Justin Duran. If your not familiar with him, he is the Co-Founder Good*Fella Media and now works in the Marketing Department at Complex. Take a look below and see what Justin had to say.

What Does Hip-Hop Mean To You?

What does Hip-Hop mean to me? Wow, that’s such a difficult question to answer“.

“I was reading Devi Dev and Karen Civil’s answers, hoping to gain some inspiration and it’s obvious that there is no “one right answer” to this question. To think, such a simple question can tap so many different answers is truly fascinating.”

“As a huge fan of the culture and a historian of the art form, Hip-Hop has always represented rebel youth culture. Just like its origin genres Rock and Roll and Jazz, Hip-Hop has always been a voice for a group of individuals who refuse to conform.” – @JustinDLive

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