Blood Ink – “The Tavalou Tales” (Official Movie Teaser Trailer)

Well known Phoenix based video director, Iroc Daniels, will make his directorial debut on the big screen when his company Marmera Films premiers its first theatrical release, Blood Ink, The Tavalou Tales in early 2013.

Blood Ink is an American crime drama that captures the volatile drug laden streets of Phoenix, Arizona. The movie’s complex, but compelling plot exposes its many characters intertwining stories that ultimately reveal the tale of a murdered tattoo artist’s spirit and the marks he has made on the people in his life. “Similar to my own life, Blood Ink is really a story about people having a chance to reinvent and redeem themselves,” says Daniels.

Equally compelling as the movie itself is Daniels’ story as a film audio college professor losing his job when the economy tanked in 2008. No stranger to adversity Daniels, formerly a hip-hop artist who garnered local celebrity, used the opportunity as a launch pad to pursue his passion in film. He soon begin to direct and edit music videos for hip hop artists including Lil Flip, Cory Gunz, Bad Boy artist Los, and 2 Chainz.

While reminiscent of the great independent films of the past, Blood Ink is extraordinary in its own right. Daniels body of work is generating a great deal of buzz and critical acclaim. During its’ initial private viewings several industry insiders have extended their support.

At press time Daniels say’s “I wanted to create a film that pushed limits and transcended demographics…something that could speak to a diverse audience. I decided to mix supernatural experiences in an urban setting with stories that would collide with one another. The audience becomes so drawn into the intertwining story lines that they almost become a part of it…a peripheral character”.