Prodigy explains why getting locked up saved his life and possibly going to college.

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Prodigy explains why getting locked up saved his life and he is “glad” he was arrested.

[2:41]: “I’m so glad I got locked up. Because if I didn’t get locked up I would have been either dead or locked up for life. … That wasn’t a bad thing me getting locked up for that three years. — If I didn’t get locked up something really bad would have happened.”

Prodigy clarifies the details between his Record Label’s distribution deal with Sony Red

[4:57]: This is the first album coming out on my own label that I run. I got a distribution deal with Sony Red. I pay them a 15% distribution fee and I get the rest. I gotta have a real working label. I had to hire the staff, I gotta hire radio, video, marketing, promotion, I gotta do everything.”

Talks about his Great-Grandfather being the founder of Morehouse College and why he has considered going to college.

[5:46]: “He IS the founder of Morehouse. He started Morehouse College in basement of his baptest church. — I didn’t know that until I got older and I started doing research for my book.”

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