Iggy Azalea talks weird dreams about Tupac & Dolphins, and originally hating L.A.

As a follow up to our first interview with Iggy Azalea we sat down with the Aussie native and discussed some more topics. The Grand Hustle Signee told us about the power of her online fan base, better known as Azaleans, and why they mean so much to her career.

“If I didn’t have Azaleans or social media I would not be able to exist. I don’t have a song on the radio … I have had no label push yet.”

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Iggy then explains how she was initially outcasted when she lived in Los Angeles and how she hated Hollywood before she discovered Slauson Ave and the people that embraced her.

“I hated it at first because nobody wanted to fuck with me. … that’s why I ended up on Slauson because they were the only people that would fuck with me. This is real people and I like it.”

Iggy also explained to us why she does not take Internet Critics serious and why she would rather just take advice from her peers.

“People on the internet, there are a lot of reason I do not listen to it. … There’s too many variables. I Listen to my peers and people that I respect because I know that they know my direction.”

Later clarifying why she thinks her mixtape “Ignorant Art” was not received the way it should have been. She explains the difference between a mixtape and an Official Album and why her fans should expect bigger records on her debut album.

“A mixtape is supposed to be verses and spitting. … People I hope will be able to see the difference when I put out my album. It’s different. It has records. it has progression. It’s an album with progression.”

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