5 Valentine’s Day Quick Fixes For You & Yours

In honor of yesterday’s celebration of love, good-old Valentine’s Day, I decided to compile a list of quick-fixes for my overly busy men that simple forgot or got into that big fight and thought they could get out of getting her a gift. A word to the wise though: you can never get out of buying a gift, and especially not through a temporary argument. Want to get out of buying a gift? Break up with her…for good. Don’t listen to me, I’m single…except for this next part. I’m looking out for all you men, currently in trouble. Ranked from bottom to best, here goes:

5.) Tradition – This is where you acknowledge that you forgot by settling and getting her a box of chocolate, however you spice things up by getting her a slightly larger and more expensive box, equipped with some lingerie in the bag. An FYI if you didn’t already know, Godiva. Chances are she might not even notice you forgot, slip into that sexy something and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

4.) “You deserve a day for you,” – Give her a day in the spa! Women are always complaining they don’t have time for themselves, are way too busy for this or that, and just need a day to relax. Give it to her and shut her up. The cool thing about this is that you can also do a His&Hers package and reap of the benefits too. It’s okay to be a little greedy gentlemen.

3.) Build-A-Bear -Who doesn’t love a build-a-bear? Me, but that’s for an entirely other purpose we won’t get into. Run into your nearest mall, casually slide into the build-a-bear store and make a little fuzzy grizzly that resembles you. It can be the child you guys will some day have and live happily ever after with. An even wiser word, include some jewelry on the bear and  you’ll be winning beyond control. I cannot make this up.

2.) Macy’s – If there’s anything momma taught me while growing up, it was that Macy’s had it all. ‘Cee’ the beautiful thing about Macy’s is that the shoe section there is separated into brands so here’s what you do. You grab the nearest, needless to say cutest, sales associate and ask for her opinion. Explain the situation if you want some sympathy, except you don’t tell her it’s your girl, but your sister. This way she’ll genuinely help you. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with the fly “guys-ain’t-sh*t” girl who’s might set you up for failure. My point is that all women love shoes and if keys didn’t unlock hearts, shoes would.. She doesn’t like shoes you say? Oh okay. Then in that case, walk on over to the jewelry section and get her a Michael Kors. They ladies love MK. (A Kors watch is a perfect example of something you could equip your bear with.)

1.) Do It Yourself – Ranked at #1, this can be the most effective and deadly all at once if you not handled with care. What better way to say I love you that with some personalized something and of course some good-good? Ladies love to know that you’re paying attention. She likes pictures? Make her a personalized card and slab some of the best you-and-her pictures. Write her a novel (a really long letter), whatever it is you make it heartfelt and cute enough to give that “aww” effect. Of course, I encourage you not to forget the gold rappers because this gift doesn’t end there. You woo-her enough to have her googly-eyed and rightfully lay her and “it” down. Who can ever be mad after some good?

Now fellas, I’ll leave it up to your discretion because only YOU really know YOUR lady. Pick a point that suits her best and go for it. Just remember. BE SMOOTH. Ladies love smooth…